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What is practical enlightenment?

A multi-disciplinary approach to help overcome stress, anxiety and restlessness. Improve focus, sleep and well-being using techniques derived from meditation, yoga and psychology.

Disciplines include:


Cutting through the misunderstandings of this natural process of cultivating awareness and improving our capacity to listen, leads us towards an ever increasing non-judgemental and non-reactive mind.

Embodiment practices

Physical practices and breathing techniques from yogic and qigong traditions combined with a modern understanding of how emotions and trauma are stored in the body.

Emotional intimacy

Embodying our emotional states, becoming intimate with our emotions allows us to open up to a deeper wisdom of the body and ourselves, leading us to an increasing sense of self-confidence, self-worth and self-acceptance. Emotional intimacy positively effects our cognitive enhancement, problem-solving abilities and creative thought.

Guided introspection

Introspection is the witnessing and observation of the internal processes that rise and fall, ebb and flow to create our mental and emotional states.

Mindful communication

Communication is always key in whichever relationship we are developing; be it with friends, family, loved ones, colleagues, clients and ourselves. By developing presence and awareness with our words, gestures and intentions, we allow for more clarity, clear boundaries and better understanding.

Creative flow

Creativity can be viewed as simply the process by which we solve problems. These problems could be artistic, but they don’t have to be; self-expression through art is just one form of creativity. Figuring out your direction in life, being better at articulating our thoughts and feelings, breaking through any problem about anything (work, relationships, how to spend your time) are all forms of creativity. The techniques I will introduce will unlock your creative flow.

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Life seems to be ever more demanding, confusing and complex. The problems and worries of health, family, dating, relationships, money, work and of simply being alive are ever present.

We are bombarded with information about how to live better, be happier, how to eat right, how to be better lovers, have better bodies. Worry and stress are permeating our society more and more and at times it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, contracted and isolated from those around us.

As Lewis Carroll says in 'Alice in Wonderland', “we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.”

about me

I'm Nic Malin. I have been studying and practicing Buddhist insight meditation (vipassana) and yoga asana & pranayama (breathwork) for over 10 years. I have been teaching and sharing ideas in yoga/meditation since 2012.

In 2014 I embarked on a 2 year shamanic energy healing course and in 2017 I spent a month in the jungle of Peru for a shamanic initiation. Throughout this time I have studied and researched many different approaches to healing and self-empowerment.

I teach and practice qigong (Chinese medicine) and shadow (Jungian psychology) workshops, as well as holding space and facilitating group work, sharing circles and relational process work which fold into my multi-disciplined approach to practical enlightenment

It has been my passion and my calling to bring these ancient ideas into the modern day with sensible, rational explanations and logical critique. I was raised in an academic family, the son of a mathematician and scientist; logic and reason were integral in my upbringing. This grounds and guides my work as a teacher and a healing practitioner.

No teaching should be shrouded in mystery, metaphysics or fluffy spiritual language. If it is a real teaching it must be in a universal language, available to everyone and practical in the here and now.



'Nic gives unconditional presence and love to what he does and I have found him to be a strong ally, source of information and insight into the unconscious. He is a very generous soul and I felt very safe in his hands at a very delicate place. I trust his integrity and respect his skills intrinsically. I would love to recommend him to anyone who is seeking help on their journey.'  Dominique Antonina

'Thanks so much Nic for such incredibly deep work last night. The level of release was really amazing and this morning I feel ready to start life afresh.'  Steve Milton

'Meditation with Nick was important in my personal progress with yoga and rectified my previous misconceptions of meditation. Nick explained with such simple transparency that I was able to understand and start to apply its practice, something which I have always failed to do in the past. And [now] I'm very excited to progress even further with my interest in meditation'. 'Vanessa Mae Maisling'


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